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TNAV #16 - Gabriella in the dungeon

Our most intense video yet! Beautiful Gabriella is taken to the dungeon for more abuse. Strung up, stretched out and beaten, she's chained, clamped, clothespinned, whipped, and totally abused in many extremely painful positions. Right from the start, she's told to spread her legs and given a proper beating with a riding crop. The beating intensifies as she's made to count the strokes. Next she's painfully stretched out and chained in the dungeon. Nipple clamps are applied to her perky breasts, weights are added, and eventually the clamps are yanked off. And again she feels the sting of the riding crop. She's turned around and painfully stretched out even more, with her lovely ass exposed for a beating. Her legs are spread out so far she has no way to get into a position that doesn't cause even more pain, and she gets a vicious beating on her ass and pussy with the riding crop.

She's turned around again and very painfully chained with her arms in the air behind her with her legs spread wide apart. Nipple clamps are attached and she's again seveerely beaten with the riding crop. She's further tormented in that agonizing position and again she endures a painful pussy whipping. After much agony she's taken down for further abuse... including more beatings, nipple clamps, and clothespins on her sensitive nipples. And more pussy whipping.

50 minutes - much nudity - $20

Screen shots from TNAV #16....

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